Additional European Business [15.0]

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Optional ECON2372

Corporate Strategy and Anti-Trust  (in English) Elisabeth Van Hecke30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2373

Special Topics in Law and Economics  (in English) Paul Nihoul, Elisabeth Van Hecke30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2314

Regional Inequalities and Relocation  (in French) Jacques-François Thisse30h 5credits   x
Optional LSMA2003

Economic foundations of management  (in English) Régis Coeurderoy30h 5credits   x
Optional DREU2204

European Competition Law  (in English) Paul Nihoul30h 5credits 1q  x
Optional DROP2143

European and international social law  (in French) Pascale Vielle30h 5credits 2q  x
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