Additional Development Economics (FUNDP campus) [15.0]

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choose minimum 15 credits between :
Optional GEOG3200

Cours avancé en géographie humaine  (in French) Dominique Peeters (coord.)30h 2.5credits  xx
Optional DEMO2602

Demography of the world's populations  (in French) Catherine Gourbin, Dominique Tabutin30h 5credits  xx
Optional ESPO2103

Environment and Global Economy  (in French) Thierry Bréchet30h 5credits  xx
Optional ECON2312

Macroeconomics of the development  (in French) Frédéric Docquier30h 5credits  xx
Optional ECON2834

Economic integration and monetary policy  (in French) N.30h 5credits  xx
Optional ECON2831

Intermediary financing analysis  (in French) N.30h 5credits  xx
Optional ECON2364

Politique commerciale et coopération internationale - FUNDP(M875 - J. Ch. Jacquemin)  (in French) N.30h 5credits  xx
Optional EDEV2122

Echanges internationaux et intégration économique - FUNDP  (in French) N. 4credits  xx
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