Additional Economic Policy [15.0]

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choose 15 credits minimum between :
Optional EMSG2101

Fiscalité belge et internationale des revenus (FUNDP)  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ELMS2417

Droit des services et de la distribution  (in French) N. 5credits  xx
Optional ECON2834

Economic integration and monetary policy  (in French) N.30h 5credits   x

OptionalCours au choix
1 parmi :
Optional ECON2314

Regional Inequalities and Relocation  (in French) Jacques-François Thisse30h 5credits  x 
Optional ECON2311

Business cycle analysis and short-term macroeconomic forecasts  (in French) Vincent Bodart, Philippe Ledent (supplée Vincent Bodart), Fatemeh Shadman Valavi (supplée Vincent Bodart)30h 5credits  x 

OptionalCours au choix
1 parmi :
Optional ECON2352

Methods for the evaluation of public policies  (in French) Bart COCKX30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2353

Economic and Education Policies  (in French) Vincent Vandenberghe30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2354

Economics and health care policies  (in French) Marie-Christine Closon30h 5credits   x
Optional ESPO2103

Environment and Global Economy  (in French) Thierry Bréchet30h 5credits   x
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