Méthodes quantitatives (UCL-LLN) [15.0]

Quantitative Methods (UCL campus) [15.0]

This option will enable students to reinforce their knowledge of quantitative methods (especially statistics and/or econometrics). Students can choose from a wide range of available subjects to build a coherent unit worth 15 credits on an issue of personal interest.

Courses not taught this academic yearPeriodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic yearTwo year courses

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choose 15 crdits minimum between :
Optional ECON2031

Econometrics of Time Series  (in French) Luc Bauwens30h + 12h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2033

Applied econometrics: Microeconometrics  (in French) Muriel Dejemeppe30h + 12h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2651

Advanced Econometrics I (Mxxx - Laurent)
( FUNDP à LLN, prérequis Mathematics and statistics for economists)  (in English)
N.30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2500

Mathematics and Statistics for Economics  (in English) Maria del Carmen Camacho Pérez30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2601

Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics
( prerequis : advanced econometrics I)  (in English)
Luc Bauwens, Shin-Huei Wang (supplée Luc Bauwens)30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2602

Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics
( prerequis : advanced econometrics I)  (in English)
Sébastien Van Bellegem30h 5credits   x
Optional STAT2110

Data Analysis  (in French) Cédric Heuchenne (supplée Léopold Simar), Léopold Simar22.5h + 7.5h 5credits 1q  x
Optional STAT2130

Introduction to Bayesian statistics.  (in French) Philippe Lambert15h + 5h 4credits 2q  x
Optional STAT2140

Non parametric statistics  (in French) Sébastien Van Bellegem, Ingrid Van Keilegom15h + 5h 4credits 1q  x
Optional STAT2150

Non parametric statistics: smoothings methods  (in French) Rainer von Sachs15h + 5h 4credits 1q  x
Optional STAT2170

Times series  (in French) Rainer von Sachs22.5h + 7.5h 5credits 1q  x
Optional STAT2100

Discrete data analysis.  (in French) Jean-Marie Rolin22.5h + 7.5h 5credits 2q  x
Optional STAT2200

Survey and Sampling  (in French) Jean-Marie Rolin, Jean-Marie Rolin (supplée N.)15h + 5h 4credits 2q  x
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