Political Economy and Social Policies (UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve) [30.0]

Public Economics and Social Policies (UCL campus) [30.0]


This is designed to train students who are interested in understanding the specific ways in which the public and the voluntary sector work.  Students will gain awareness of the role of political processes in the choice and shape of budgetary policies and the way they are implemented. They will discover the reasons for the voluntary sector working alongside the profit-making private sector and public authorities. Through concrete examples, students will be introduced to cost-benefit analysis of projects and evaluation of public sector policies. There is special emphasis on policies relating to health, education, employment and the environment.

Target audience
This is designed for students interested in a career in government departments, local and regional authorities as well as national and international institutions; in the research department of a trade union, an employers’ organization , a political party or a bank ; in a minister’s office ; in the management of companies in the non-market sector such as hospitals, convalescent homes, refugee centres or community associations ; in  organizations defending the interests of their members (e.g. the poor, women, migrants) or promoting an issue such as the environment or international development; in private companies with an interest in public policy making such as taxation or regulation; in consultancy firms.

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Mandatory ECON2350

Public economy  (in French) Jean Hindriks30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2351

Non profit Economics  (in French) Marthe Nyssens30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2352

Methods for the evaluation of public policies  (in French) Bart COCKX30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2033

Applied econometrics: Microeconometrics  (in French) Muriel Dejemeppe30h + 12h 5credits  x 

MandatoryCours d'application
2 parmi :
Optional ECON2354

Economics and health care policies  (in French) Marie-Christine Closon30h 5credits  x 
Optional ECON2353

Economic and Education Policies  (in French) Vincent Vandenberghe30h 5credits  x 
Optional ESPO2103

Environment and Global Economy  (in French) Thierry Bréchet30h 5credits  x 
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