European business (Site UCL) [30.0]

European Business (UCL campus) [30.0]

This is designed to provide training which covers the main European economic issues as far as business leaders and those responsible for economic policy are concerned. Both micro and macro aspects are covered as well as economic analysis of business and markets.

Target audience

This is ideal training for students looking for an international career, whether in business, consultancy, financial services or government departments. This course is entirely in English, which should interest students from other countries and encourage a professional outlook that is international.

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Mandatory ECON2381

Trade and Tax Policy in Europe  (in English) Hylke Vandenbussche30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2382

European Monetary Policy  (in English) Bernard Delbecque30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory LSMS2060

European Economic Policy  (in English) Jean-Christophe Defraigne, Didier Reynders30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory LSMS2061

Corporate Strategy in Europe  (in English) Benoît Gailly30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory LSMS2062

Management of European Companies (Business Cases)  (in English) Régis Coeurderoy30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory LSMS2063

Industrial Relations in Europe  (in English) Evelyne Léonard30h 5credits  x 
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