Advanced Economic Analysis I ( Sites UCL-FUNDP-KUL) [15.0]

Advanced Economic Analysis I (UCL, FUNDP and KUL campuses) [15.0]

It is strongly recommended that students doing a research focus take this option which is reserved for them. It offers the opportunity of applying the most advanced methods of analysis to particular sectors of the economy.  

Courses not taught this academic yearPeriodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic yearTwo year courses

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minimum 15 credits between :
Optional ECON2342

Development theories  (in French) Andreia Lemaître (supplée null), Marthe Nyssens30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2600

Dynamical Methods in Economics  (in English) Raouf Boucekkine30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2601

Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics  (in English) Luc Bauwens, Shin-Huei Wang (supplée Luc Bauwens)30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2602

Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics  (in English) Sébastien Van Bellegem30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2603

Econometrics Workshop  (in English) Daniel Weiserbs30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2604

Advanced International Trade  (in English) Hylke Vandenbussche30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2605

Capital Markets Theory  (in English) Olivier Scaillet30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2606

Monetary Economics  (in English) Raf Wouters15h 5credits Periodic courses taught this academic year  x
Optional ECON2607

Public Economics  (in English) Jean Hindriks30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2608

Labour Economics  (in English) Bruno Van der Linden, Bruno Van der Linden (supplée N.)30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2609

Game Theory  (in English) Vincent Vannetelbosch30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2652

Development Economics (M652 - Baland)  (in French) N.30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2620

Advanced Environmental and Transportation - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2621

Advanced Industrial Economics - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2622

Advanced Intern Monetary Eco - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2623

Corporate Finance - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2624

Current Development in European Integration - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2625

Fixed Income Securities - KUL  (in French) N. 5credits   x
Optional ECON2627

The Empirics of Financial Market - KUL  (in French) N.30h 5credits   x

OptionalReflexive courses
1 parmi :
Optional ECON2065

History of Economic Thought  (in English) Michel De Vroey30h 5credits  x 
Optional ECON2067

Critical Analysis of Market Economies  (in English) Christian Arnsperger15h 5credits Periodic courses not taught this academic year x 
Optional ECON2069A

Ethics and Social Choice  (in French) N.15h 5credits  x 
Optional ECON2069B

Ethics and Public Policy  (in French) N.15h 5credits  x 
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