Additional Economics of firm strategies and innovation [15.0]

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Optional ECON2310

Basis of growth : demography, education and technological progress  (in French) Raouf Boucekkine30h 5credits   x
Optional DROP2103

Law on intellectual property contr  (in French) Fernand De Visscher, Bernard Remiche30h 5credits 2q  x
Optional DROP2102

In-depth study of questions on intellectual property rights  (in French) Bernard Remiche30h 5credits 2q  x
Optional ETAT2206

Media and Culture Law  (in French) François Jongen30h 5credits 1q  x
Optional LSMS2061

Corporate Strategy in Europe  (in English) Benoît Gailly30h 5credits   x
Optional LSMA2003

Economic foundations of management  (in English) Régis Coeurderoy30h 5credits   x
Optional LSMS2062

Management of European Companies (Business Cases)  (in English) Régis Coeurderoy30h 5credits   x
Optional FIRM2205

Antitrust Policies  (in French) Paul Nihoul30h 5credits 1q  x
Optional ECON2381

Trade and Tax Policy in Europe  (in English) Hylke Vandenbussche30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2486

Seminar on Microeconomic Policy Issues in Europe  (in English) Hylke Vandenbussche30h 10credits   x
Optional DREU2204

European Competition Law  (in English) Paul Nihoul30h 5credits 1q  x
Optional ECON2363

Politiques européennes de concurrence et de régulation - FUNDP  (in French) N.30h 5credits   x
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