Additional Political Economy, Norms and Institutions [15.0]

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Optional ECON2065

History of Economic Thought  (in English) Michel De Vroey30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2067

Critical Analysis of Market Economies  (in English) Christian Arnsperger15h 5credits Periodic courses not taught this academic year  x
Optional DVLP2330

Planification and integrated development policies  (in French) Joseph Amougou (supplée null)30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2822

Institutional Economics and Development (M822 - Platteau)  (in English) N.30h 5credits   x
Optional LSMS2070

Organizational Diagnostic  (in French) Evelyne Léonard30h 5credits   x
Optional LSMS2098

Corporate Social Responsability  (in French) Yves De Cordt, Jan Noterdaeme, Valérie Swaen30h 5credits   x

MandatoryCours au choix
1 parmi :
Optional ECON2350

Public economy  (in French) Jean Hindriks30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2351

Non profit Economics  (in French) Marthe Nyssens30h 5credits   x
Optional ECON2352

Methods for the evaluation of public policies  (in French) Bart COCKX30h 5credits   x
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