Economie politique, normes et institutions (Site UCL) [30.0]

Political Economy, Norms and Institutions (UCL campus) [30.0]

This is organized in conjunction with the Department of Political and Social Science (Département Sciences politiques et sociales - POLS).

The Political Economy, Institutions and Socio-economic Organizations option is designed to develop economic analysis skills whilst maintaining the link with other social sciences. It examines the status of institutions, standards and organizations as a means of regulation by structuring markets or being able to replace them. Various subjects where there is constant  interaction with other disciplines are introduced : these include social policies, methods of redistribution, organizations in the non-market sector and, more widely, the role of economics in social life.

Target audience
This is designed for students interested in economic and social programmes with the emphasis on institutional and organizational issues. It is particularly suitable for students aiming for a career in the non-market sector, NGOs, public sector bodies dealing with social policies (e.g.  poverty, discrimination and development) and in the production of economic data.

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Mandatory ECON2340

Economy and society  (in French) Christian Arnsperger, Isabelle Ferreras30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2351

Non profit Economics  (in French) Marthe Nyssens30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2061

Philosophy and epistemology of the economics  (in French) Christian Arnsperger30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2342

Development theories  (in French) Andreia Lemaître (supplée null), Marthe Nyssens30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory TRAV2720

Comparative social protection systems  (in French) Yannick Vanderborght45h 5credits  x 

MandatoryCours de sociologie
1 parmi :
Optional SOC2045

Sociology of Economic Practices  (in French) N.30h 5credits 1q x 
Optional SOC2025

Sociology of Organisations and Organised Action  (in French) Christian Maroy30h 5credits 2q x 
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