Cycles, croissance et mondialisation (Site UCL) [30.0]

Cycles, Growth and Globalisation (UCL campus) [30.0]

This is designed to provide the main analytical tools necessary to understand the process of growth, the way in which it fits into the wider issue of development and the role of macroeconomic balances. Students will become familiar with tools of economic policy and the way in which they should work within a growth and development strategy.  Case studies such as policies implemented by the European Union and the World Bank will be examined.


Target audience
This is designed for students interested in development issues and who wish to acquire knowledge and technical skills which they can use at different levels in the process of formulating macroeconomic policy (e.g. the identification of needs, formulation and choice of strategic directions as well as implementation). This specialization provides training for students who are aiming for a career in the research departments of banks or major firms, in consultancy, in a government department or a minister’s office, in a government or non-government overseas development agency.

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Mandatory ECON2310

Basis of growth : demography, education and technological progress  (in French) Raouf Boucekkine30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2311

Business cycle analysis and short-term macroeconomic forecasts  (in French) Vincent Bodart, Philippe Ledent (supplée Vincent Bodart), Fatemeh Shadman Valavi (supplée Vincent Bodart)30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2312

Macroeconomics of the development  (in French) Frédéric Docquier30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2313

Applied macroeconomics  (in French) Daniel Weiserbs30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2314

Regional Inequalities and Relocation  (in French) Jacques-François Thisse30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory ECON2031

Econometrics of Time Series  (in French) Luc Bauwens30h + 12h 5credits  x 
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