Research Team

Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin

His research interests are the modeling, wideband characterization and fabrication of advanced SOI MOSFETs as well as micro and nanofabrication of MEMS / NEMS sensors and actuators, including the extraction of intrinsic material properties at nanometer scale. He has been IEEE Fellow since 2014. He was the recipient of the Médaille AMPERE 2019 in recognition in his vision and pioneering work for RF SOI.

Prof. Dimitri Lederer

His research interests cover the modeling, fabrication and characterization of mmWave Si-based devices and circuits.  These research activities also include the integration of III-V and more exotic materials on Si for THz applications. 

Dr. Martin Rack

His research interest include small- and large-signal modeling of semiconductor substrates, and their characterization and optimization towards successful monolithic integration of silicon-based technology. He is also active in the design of mm-wave front-end circuitry.

Lucas Nyssens

His research focuses on the characterization of passive structures and MOSFETs on SOI technology at millimeter-wave frequencies, as well as on the design of mm-wave front-end circuitry.

Massinissa Nabet

His main interests are substrate modelling and high frequency characterization of RF devices. He is involved in the complete large-signal characterization of the advanced FDSOI transistors and circuit modules, of which he has designed a 28 GHz down-converting mixer in FDSOI.

Arka Halder

He is pursuing a PhD working on Self-Heating Effects in Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs along with the design of active and passive devices in this technology.

Pieter Cardinael

His research focuses on the integration of III-V materials on a silicon platform for next-generation RF integrated circuits applications in close collaboration with imec, Leuven, Belgium.

Yiyi Yan

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Her research interests are mainly on fabrication and characterization of CMOS dielectric materials (high-k materials and hBN) and the design of RF resonators for carrier lifetime characterization.  

Quentin Courte

His research interest include the small- and large-signal modeling of semiconductor substrates, along with the integration of engineered substrates (Trap-Rich, PN-junctions) with back-gate-contacted UTBB FD-SOI FETs towards the design of mmW ICs, and in particular front-end switch modules.

Martin Vanbrabant

His research interests include RF characterization and modeling of advanced MOS transistors with a focus on the physical de-coupling of self-heating effect and non-linear effects on transport characteristics.

Maxime Moulin


Maxime is pursuing a PhD at the CEA-Leti, Grenoble, co-supervised by Uclouvain’s Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin. His work focusses on the monolithic integration of 28 nm FD-SOI switches and RF components by developing new high-performance RF substrates with localized trap-rich-like solutions.

Dr. Quentin Van Overmeere

Quentin develops porous silicon for low-loss substrates with reduced permittivity as a highly linear and low parasitic solution for high frequency applications.
Quentin’s fields of expertise include nanomaterials, physical chemistry and electrochemistry, from the processes to the fabrication of novel electrochemical devices.

Dr. Romain Tuyaerts

His current research interests include micro-fabrication techniques, and the integration of porous silicon in various applications such as RF microelectronics. Romain’s fields of expertise include nanotechnologies and material science, and in particular the coupling between optical, mechanical, and electrical properties of micro structures.

Dr. Sébastien Toussaint

His research interests focus on mesoscopic and low dimensional physics and how to enrich silicon based technologies with III-V and Van der Waals heterostructures. He focuses also on how charge, spin and heat transport at the local scale (nanometer) can be used to design tomorrow RF devices.

Youssef Bendou

He is pursuing a PhD working on the design of mm-wave integrated circuits in 28nm FDSOI technology on high resistivity substrates to enhance the high-frequency performances of the circuits. In collaboration with STMicroelectronics and the University of Lille in France.

Shiqi Ma

He is pursuing a PhD working on monolithic integration of GaAs Schottky diodes on silicon for THz applications.

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