Foreign Language Learning:
Phraseology and Discourse

Action de recherche concertée
University of Louvain, Belgium





Linguistic Analysis


The terminology used in phraseology is extremely unstable with terms such as ‘idioms’ and ‘collocations’ being used with a wide variety of meanings. The problem is even more acute when one compares the terminologies used in different linguistic traditions (notably Anglo-saxon vs French traditions). Our first task will therefore be to examine existing typologies of phraseological units and putting forward a crosslinguistic typology, which will serve as ‘tertium comparationis’ for the contrastive analysis.

In view of the wide scope and the diversity of the field, we will approach learners’ phraseology from five different angles:

1) High frequency verbs
2) EAP (English for Academic Purposes) vocabulary
3) Prepositions
4) Recurrent word combinations
5) Phraseological errors




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