• Describe the cerebral hemispheres
  • Recognize the principal cerebral sulci and identify the six cerebral lobes
  • Understand the embryologic origin of the different parts of the telencephalon
  • Identify and describe the different internal components of the telencephalon
  • Be able to depict the principal intrahemispheric and interhemispheric fibre tracts


  • Fills up most of the skull
  • Lies on the anterior and middle cranial fossae and the tentorium cerebelli
  • Ovoid form

    ♂   17 cm long                                                  ♀  slightly smaller
          14 cm wide
          13 cm high

  • The cerebral cortex, superficial layer of grey matter, gives the telencephalon a light grey colour
  • Incompletely divided into two cerebral hemispheres by the longitudinal cerebral fissure