Lecture: Muhammad Mustafa Hussain “Physically Compliant CMOS Electronics Enabled Interactive Electronic System”

The UCL/ICTEAM IEEE Student Branch along with Prof. Denis Flandre is glad to invite you to the following seminar :

“Physically Compliant CMOS Electronics Enabled Interactive Electronic System”

given by Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, EDS Distinguished Lecturer and professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The event will be held on Wednesday September 12th at 11:00 am in the Shannon Room (Maxwell A.105). Sandwiches and drinks will be offered to all registered participants by the Student Branch.
Registration is free but mandatory, please sign up at the bottom of this page.

Abstract: As we are gradually approaching Internet of Everything (IoE) generation, proliferation of interactive electronic system is inevitable. In that context, we need to address a few fundamental questions: (i) What is interactive electronic system? (ii) Why are they important? (iii) How can we manufacture them? (iv) Are they going to expand the horizon of existing applications or they will add new dimension to electronic applications? 

 In response to these questions, in this talk, some examples will be shown which includes human, things, plants and animals integrated electronics. Such electronics are built with physically compliant CMOS electronics and often with non-functionalized papers. It will be shown that in addition to sensory devices, how we can use the monitored data and execute machine enabled decisions using in-situ actuators. Integration of multi-components will be complex and critical. Using example of a smart thermal patch, add-on electronics, plant wearable and marine skin, this talk will report future of interactive electronic systems. 

Biography: Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain (PhD, ECE, UT Austin, Dec 2005) is a Professor of Electrical Engineering, KAUST. He was Program Manager in SEMATECH (2008-2009) and Process Integration Lead for 22 nm node FinFET CMOS in Texas Instruments (2006-2008). His research is focused on futuristic electronics which has received support from DARPA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GSK-Novartis and SABIC. He has authored 300+ research papers and patents. His students are serving as faculty in KFUPM, KAU, Jeddah University and as researchers in MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, Harvard, UCLA, TSMC, and DOW Chemicals. He is a Fellow of American Physical Society and Institute of Physics, a distinguished lecturer of IEEE Electron Devices Society, and an Editor of IEEE T-ED. Scientific American has listed his research as one of the Top 10 World Changing Ideas of 2014. Applied Physics Letters selected his paper as one of the Top Feature Articles of 2015. He and his students have received 41 research awards including IEEE Outstanding Individual Achievement Award 2016, Outstanding Young Texas Exes Award 2015 DOW Chemical Sustainability Challenge Award 2012, etc. His research has been highlighted extensively in international media like in Washington Post, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), IEEE Spectrum, etc.