The Student Branch activities are organized by a team of motivated people, called Branch officers. The UCL IEEE Branch officers and their respective assignment for the 2019-2020 academic year are :

  • Chair: Adrian Kneip
  • Secretary: Martin Lefebvre
  • Treasurer: Mathieu Jadin
  • Seminar: Antoine Paris & Benjamin Chiêm
  • Company Visits: Karim El Khoury, Nicolas Roisin & Thibault Pirson
  • Social Events: Céline Gérard, Martin Lefebvre & Vincent Schellekens
  • ASCII Synergy: Benjamin Chiêm & Adrian Kneip
  • ICTEAM IEEE Student Contest: Céline Gérard, Nicolas Roisin & Adrian Kneip
  • Club Elec: Martin Lefebvre & Rémi Dekimpe
  • Club Info: Benoit Duhoux, Gorby Kabasele Ndonda, Mathieu Jadin
  • Website & Social Media: Rémi Dekimpe
  • Advisors: Ludovic Moreau & Matthew Philippe
  • Student Branch Counselor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Christophe Craeye
  • CAS & EDS Chapter Counselor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Denis Flandre

Do you want to have a look in the archives and discover the previous members of the branch ? Here is what you’re looking for !