Student Paper Contest

The IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest is organized by the IEEE Region 8 commitee. It covers Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The UCL IEEE Student Branch selects the best student Master Thesis to represent UCL for the contest. The Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) has won and been selected for the oral finals several times:

2020 – Participation
Anat Levi, Artificial Intelligence in Orthopaedic Recovery
2019 – Accepted for Oral Finals
Antoine Paris, Identifiability Conditions for Multi-Channel Blind Deconvolution with Short Filters.
2018 – Oral Finals (Second Place)
Benjamin Chiêm, Supervised classification of structural brain networks reveals gender differences
2017 – Accepted for Oral Finals
Mathieu Jadin and Gauthier Tihon, Securing MultiPath TCP
2016 – Participation
Charlotte Frenkel, Soft Error Mitigation Techniques for Modern Commercial Off-The-Shelf FPGAs in Space Applications
2015 – Oral Finals (Third Place)
Quentin Cappart and Adrien Thonet, The World Migration Network: Rankings, Groups and Gravity Models
2014 – Oral Finals (Third Place)
Nicolas Van der Noot and Allan Barrea, Zero-Moment Point on a Bipedal Robot under Bio-Inspired Walking Control
2013 – Participation
Guerric de Streel, Design and Optimisation of Ultra-Low-Power FPGAs to be embedded in Energy Autonomous Systems
2012 – Oral Finals (Second Runner-up)
Augustin Cosse, Diffeomorphic Surface-Based Registration for MR-US Fusion in Prostate Brachytherapy 
2011 – Participation
François Botman
2010 – Winner
Maxime Taquet, Feature-based error processing for robust surface registration in computer assisted orthopedic surgery
2006-2009 – No participation
2005 – Participation
2004 – Winner
Antonin Descampe and François Devaux, A flexible line-based JPEG2000 decoder for digital cinema 
2003 – Participation
2002 – Oral Finals
Gael Rouvroy and François-Xavier Standaert, FPGA’s as cryptanalytic tools

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