Job: computer scientist with NLP background, CENTAL, UCLouvain

  • full time (100%) for an indefinite period
  • for the Centre for Natural Language Processing (CENTAL) of the Institute for Language and Communication (ILC) in the Human Science Sector
  • in Louvain-la-Neuve
  • starting date: 1 August 2019


CENTAL is a technology platform associated with UCLouvain’s Institute for Language and Communication and specialising in the study of computerised language processing. The platform’s tasks cover both research and teaching. CENTAL collaborates on projects at several research centres within UCLouvain and various industry partners by offering its expertise in natural language processing (NLP). It also organises expert training in text data analysis. Its skills can be grouped into two main areas of activity: “NLP for information processing” (which includes projects connected with information extraction, information retrieval, text classification, etc.) and “NLP for language learning” (which includes projects related to computer-assisted language learning, readability, etc.).

Job description

  • Project management (50%): you will be responsible for IT development and will coordinate various projects of the Centre involving automatic text data processing (collection, standardisation, analysis, labelling, etc.)
  • System administration (25%): you will assist with the installation, configuration and maintenance of computer infrastructures and will identify future needs
  • Monitoring of technological developments: (10%) you will monitor emerging NLP technologies in order to provide an optimum response to the issues raised
  • Interface development (15%): you will develop user interfaces for the tools developed by CENTAL

Qualifications and skills required

Applicants must have the following:

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Linguistics or equivalent (specialising in natural language processing, machine learning or artificial intelligence)
  • computer skills:
    • programming languages: Python, knowledge of C and/or C++ is a plus
    • web technologies: HTML, Javascript, CSS
    • editing language: XML
    • databases: SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • systems: Linux and Windows
    • virtualisation environments: VMWare and/or Proxmox (or a willingness to learn how to manage them)
  • knowledge of the main NLP tools and algorithms
  • knowledge of French and English (at least level B2)
  • ability to work as part of a team, excellent listening skills and ability to analyse needs, adaptability

For more info,

Application deadline: 19 May 2019