3rd annual unit

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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Mandatory Majeure
Mandatory Advanced training in physics
Mandatory LPHYS1322 Electromagnetism 2   Jan Govaerts
37.5h+22.5h  5 credits q1
Mandatory LPHYS1332 General Relativity   Jean-Marc Gérard
30h+22.5h  4 credits q1
Mandatory LPHYS1342 Quantum Physics 2   Christophe Ringeval
45h+22.5h  5 credits q1
Mandatory LPHYS1343 Statistical physics   Christian Hagendorf
45h+30h  6 credits q2
Mandatory Specialized training in physics
Mandatory LPHYS1344 subatomic, atomic and molecular physics   Clément Lauzin
, Vincent Lemaitre
, Xavier Urbain
45h+45h  6 credits q2
Mandatory LPHYS1345 Solid state physics   Giacomo Bruno
, Christophe Delaere
30h+22.5h  4 credits q2
Mandatory LPHYS1351 Personal project in physics   Michel Crucifix
0h+30h  2 credits q1+q2
Mandatory Training in digital and instrumental techniques, data science and computer science
Mandatory LPHYS1303 Numerical Simulation in Physics   Michel Crucifix
, Francesco Ragone (compensates Bernard Piraux)
22.5h+30h  4 credits q2
Mandatory Training in languages and human sciences
Mandatory English
Mandatory LANG1863 English for Students in Sciences (Upper-Intermediate level)   Ahmed Adrioueche (coord.)
, Catherine Avery (coord.)
, Amandine Dumont (coord.)
, Sandrine Jacob (coord.)
, Sabrina Knorr
, Nevin Serbest
, Colleen Starrs
, Françoise Stas (coord.)
30h  2 credits q1 or q2
Mandatory Philosophy
Mandatory LSC1120A Philosophy   Charles Pence (compensates Alexandre Guay)
30h  2 credits q1
Optional Optional courses
These credits are not counted within the 120 required credits.
Optional LSST1001 IngénieuxSud   Jean-Pierre Raskin
15h+45h  5 credits q1+q2
Optional LSST1002M Information and critical thinking - MOOC   Myriam De Kesel
, Jim Plumat
, Jean-François Rees
30h+15h  3 credits q2
Mandatory Minor or additional module     (> See the list of available minors and/or additional modules)
The student completes his.her training by choosing either the annual module in physics, or a minor or additional module in the list proposed for the Bachelor in physics, for a total of 30 credits. He.she distributes the teaching units according to the following model: 10 credits during the second semester of the second annual unit, 10 or 15 credits during the first semester of the third annual unit and 10 or 5 credits during the second semester of the third annual unit.