Professional Focus : Biomedical Ethics and Bioethics [30.0]

ethi2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

The professional focus in biomedical and bioethical ethics is designed to train students to develop a critical analysis of situations and problems associated with current medial practice, both in developed and developing countries. Such analysis will not only take account of the objective facts of the situation and the system of regulation which relates to decisions, but also ideological, cultural and historical data. This analysis is designed to help students acquire - understanding of the theories, concepts and methods in current biomedical ethics, - the ability to make use of these models and methods to describe situations and suggest a well-balanced set of solutions to the problems faced, - personal familiarity of the environments where such questions arise (laboratories, care institutions, etc.).

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30 credits chosen from the following courses including 5 credits from the Master in Public Health :

Annual block
  1 2

Mandatory Contenu:
Mandatory LDROP2131 Medical and Biomedical Law   Geneviève Schamps
30h  5 credits 2q x x
Mandatory WMDS2235 Enjeux sociaux et éthiques de la santé et de la médecine 2   Anne Berquin
, Cécile Bolly
, Jean-Philippe Cobbaut
, Michel Dupuis
, Philippe Hantson
, Luc Roegiers (coord.)
, Isabelle Scheers
18h  3 credits 2q x x
Mandatory WMDS2236 Formation à la relation 2   Emmanuel de Becker
, Gérald Deschietere
, Thomas Dubois
, Nausica Germeau
, Denis Jacques
, Sophie Symann
, Anne Wintgens
, Nicolas Zdanowicz (coord.)
12h  2 credits 1q x x
Mandatory WEBIM2101 Séminaire de bioéthique et d'éthique biomédicale   Michel Dupuis
15h  5 credits 1 + 2q x x
Mandatory WEBIM2900 Stage d'observation et rapport d'éthique clinique     5 credits x x
Mandatory Bioethics (5 credits)

Students must choose one of the following two courses :  

Optionnal WEBIM2100 Advanced questions in bioethics : Principles and methods   Mylene Botbol
, Michel Dupuis
, Luc Roegiers
30h  5 credits x x
Optionnal WEBIM2200 Questions approfondies de bioéthique (B)   Mylene Botbol
, Michel Dupuis
, Michel Dupuis (compensates Mylene Botbol)
, Luc Roegiers
30h  5 credits x x
Mandatory Public Health (5 credits)
Mandatory A course to be chosen in the Master in Public Health (     5 credits x x