Possible trainings at the end of the programme

ethi2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Other accessible masters :
At the end of the master 120, each focus in the Master in ethics can be obtained in a new program of 30 credits only.

Teacher Training Certificate (upper secondary education):
This programme does not offer a teaching focus and does not lead to a Teacher Training Certificate (upper secondary education) (AESS). To obtain a teacher training degree (titre requis to become a fully qualified teacher), students with a Master's in Ethics will have to undertake additional training: the extra year's study, part of the Master's in Philosophy, will include a thesis and a thesis seminar (30 credits), the teaching focus (30 credits) and possibly other additional modules (30 credits maximum). However, students combining a Master's in Ethics with the Teacher Training Certificate for upper secondary education programme (Philosophy) [30.0] (https://uclouvain.be/xprog-2019-filo2a) will be partly qualified (titre suffisant) but not fully qualified (titre requis). For further information about full qualifications (titres requis) and partial qualifications (titres suffisants): http://www.segec.be/Documents/Fesec/Administration/Brochure_titres_mars___FESeC.pdf



Accessible doctoral training :
- École doctorale in philosophy;