Professional Focus : Sciences and Techniques [30.0]

ethi2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

The "Ethics in science and technology" focus is designed to train students to analyse the ethical and societal issues raised by scientific developments and technological innovations. Students will be able to make use of the basic concepts of the philosophy of science, the sociology of science and of ethical analyses in order to put into critical perspective the impact of science and technology on the evolution of societies. The first term of the second annual unit of the Master’s degree will be spent at a university in the ESST "Society, Science and Technology" network with which UCL has entered into a specific exchange programme, such as the University of Strasbourg, Maastricht University or the University of Oslo. For further information, visit the website of the ESST network or contact the International Coordinator at the School of Philosophy, Professor Peter Verdée, or UCL’s ESST programme coordinator, Professor Alexandre Guay.

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Mandatory Contenu:
Mandatory ESST exchange  

Exchange during the first term of the second annual block of the Master in Ethics at a university in the ESST network with which FIAL is partnered.

  30 credits   x