Distinguished Lecture: Benjamin Iñiguez Nicolau “Graphene and Two Dimensional Materials FET sensors”

The UCL/ICTEAM IEEE Student Branch along with Prof. Denis Flandre is glad to invite you to the following seminar :

” Graphene and Two Dimensional Materials FET sensors “

given by Benjamin Iñiguez Nicolau , EDS Distinguished Lecturer and professor at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain).

The event will be held on Wednesday June 5th 11:00 am in the Euler a.002 meeting room. Sandwiches and drinks will be offered after the talk to all registered participants by the Student Branch.
Registration is free but mandatory, please sign up at the bottom of this page.

Abstract: Electronic sensors based on graphene and two-dimensional materials (TDM) have a high potential in many applications, due to the unique properties of the these materials. This seminar is a review where the authors discuss the properties of graphene and two dimensional materials which are useful to sensing applications and they report and describe different types of sensors based on graphene and two dimensional Field Effect Transistor (FET) structures: biological, mechanical, gas and chemical sensors. We also discuss the ways to functionalise graphene and the related materials, as well as the used device structures. We compare the performance of the main types of biological, mechanical and chemical sensors. Finally, we explain the future challenges of based FET sensors based on graphene and two dimensional materials, in order to make sensing systems and smart sensors with these materials, which would be their main breakthrough application.