Étiquette : Julie Birkholz

  • Computational Literary Studies Fellowships

    The CLS INFRA Fellowship Programme provides access to a wide range of data, tools and knowledge. Scholars from literary studies or with an interest in Computational Literary Studies methods are invited to apply for a fellowship grant in one of our infrastructure providers. Successful applicants will not only obtain free-of-charge physical access to the infrastructure, but in the […]

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  • TNT 2021-2022 (I) Julie Birkholz & Sven Lieber

    Tuesday October 19 from 2 pm / Mardi 19 octobre à partir de 14 heures Julie Birkholz (UGent & KBR) & Sven Lieber (KBR) will give a talk on / donneront une conférence sur LINKED DATA & Cultural Heritage Abstract / Résumé : In this talk from Julie M. Birkholz & Sven Lieber, they will […]

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  • Digital Humanities Research 2020-2021

    Part I. International Scholars KBR invites you to attend a new scholarly series on digital cultural heritage, the KBR-ULB-UGent Digital Heritage Seminar. In the first part of this series from October to December we will virtually host three international academic scholars in presenting their work on cultural heritage materials, digital methods and digital humanities. Dealing […]

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