DHSI 2020 — Online Edition

Table of Contents

1) Welcome
2) DHSI Conference and Colloquium (2-6, 9-10 June 2020) & ADHO Pedagogy SIG Mini-Conference (6 June 2020)
3) Project Management in the Humanities (6 June 2020)
4) RTL (7 June 2020)
5) #GraphPoem
6) Interdisciplinary Digital Engagement in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH)
7) DHSI 2020 at a glance

#GraphPoem (5 June 2020)

All those connected to DHSI and its 2020 events are invited to be part of the EPoetry event #GraphPoem by MARGENTO at 2:00 PM Pacific Time [11:00 PM Brussels Time] by contributing text files or weblinks to a collectively assembled dataset and/or run a script plotting the latter into a real-time evolving network. Certain significant text-nodes will be selected by the code and fed into the live performance. All those interested need to register with MARGENTO at by June 5 and will receive an account giving them access to the data and the code. The web-based performance will be viewable to anybody accessing @GraphPoem on Twitter at the time of the event and will also be broadcast on other channels advertised on the same profile page.

More info at

Anthologie de poésie assemblée informatiquement. Événement avant-première

Événement livestream organisé par l’équipe de la Chaire Altissia (28 mai 21h sur Twitter : @GraphPoem)

Avant-première :

La première anthologie de poésie belge contemporaine assemblée informatiquement


Un événement livestream présentant


art vidéo et audio

applications informatiques



Carl Norac — Poète National

Elke de Rijcke — écrivain, traductrice de poésie, performeur, curatrice et professeur d’art & de littérature aux ESA Saint-Luc et à l’erg

Jean-Pierre Verheggen — écrivain et poète belge d’expression française

Laurence Vielle — l’artiste en résidence 2019-2020 de l’UCLouvain

Traductions en anglais par

Chris Tanasescu

John Taylor 

Programmation informatique : Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO)

Art vidéo et audio ; régisseur de diffusion livestream : Costin Dumitrache (MARGENTO)

Programmation Twitter bot : Prasadith Buddhitha (MARGENTO)

28 mai 21h sur la page Twitter de


et sur TEAMS :

avec le soutien de

UCLouvain Culture

Co-organisateurs :

Bureau des Etudiant·es FIAL

Le kap Carpe Studentem




TNT Lecture Series (I)

Dans le cadre de la série de conférences TNT (Third Numerical [Digital] Thursday), nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer le premier événement. 

Madame la professeure Els Lefever (Université de Gand) donnera une conférence sur 

« Cyberbullying Detection, Irony Detection, & Opinion Mining in Distributional and Deep Semantic Text Analysis » 

le 5 mars de 15h00 à 16h00 dans la Salle du Conseil Collège Erasme.

Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer,

L’équipe de la Chaire Altissia en Cultures et Éthique du Numérique

Prof. Els Lefever is an assistant professor on the Language and Translation Technology Team (LT3) at Ghent University. She started her career as a computational linguist at the R&D-department of Lernout & Hauspie Speech products. She holds a PhD in computer science from Ghent University on ParaSense: Parallel Corpora for Word Sense Disambiguation (2012).

She has a strong expertise in machine learning of natural language and multilingual natural language processing, with a special interest in computational semantics, cross-lingual word sense disambiguation, and multilingual terminology extraction. 

She supervises PhDs on terminology extraction from comparable corpora, sentiment mining of financial news, terminological ambiguity in cross-disciplinary contexts, argumentation mining in social media and the automatic detection of cyberbullying in online text. 

She teaches Terminology and Translation Technology, Language Technology and Digital Humanities courses, and serves as co-director of the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.

The Altissia Chair Visual Poetry Challenge

The challenge: Use this tool or any other digital tool or computer code to create a concrete/visual poem.

What is a visual/concrete poem? Roughly speaking, a poem whose plurality of potential meanings rises from the synergy of text and typography, between language and design, between lineated text and visual shape.

Submit the poem to chris.tanasescu [at] uclouvain [dot] be.

Every other week, a jury led by the Altissia Chair and consisting of FIAL, INCAL, and CENTAL literature and/or technology scholars will select the best submission(s) and have them displayed on the faculty’s screens.

At the end of the quadrimestre the three best submitted poems, and the authors will be congratulated by the Dean of FIAL, the President of INCAL, the Altissia Chair and the other members of the jury as part of a public ceremony and will receive €300, 200, and 100 respectively in prizes. The poems will be featured on the Altissia Chair Website and in the Chair’s forthcoming digital poetry publications.

Possible topics:

Global warming/climate change

Political and social injustice

Ethics in the age of connectivity and social media


Underrepresented groups and minorities

Ethical challenges in your academic subject/community or walk of life

The cultures of the digital 


George Herbert, « Easter Wings »

Guillame Apollinaire, « La Colombe Poignardée et le jet d’eau »

Augusto de Campos, « Ovo Novelo »