DHSI 2020 — Online Edition

Table of Contents

1) Welcome
2) DHSI Conference and Colloquium (2-6, 9-10 June 2020) & ADHO Pedagogy SIG Mini-Conference (6 June 2020)
3) Project Management in the Humanities (6 June 2020)
4) RTL (7 June 2020)
5) #GraphPoem
6) Interdisciplinary Digital Engagement in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH)
7) DHSI 2020 at a glance

#GraphPoem (5 June 2020)

All those connected to DHSI and its 2020 events are invited to be part of the EPoetry event #GraphPoem by MARGENTO at 2:00 PM Pacific Time [11:00 PM Brussels Time] by contributing text files or weblinks to a collectively assembled dataset and/or run a script plotting the latter into a real-time evolving network. Certain significant text-nodes will be selected by the code and fed into the live performance. All those interested need to register with MARGENTO at by June 5 and will receive an account giving them access to the data and the code. The web-based performance will be viewable to anybody accessing @GraphPoem on Twitter at the time of the event and will also be broadcast on other channels advertised on the same profile page.

More info at

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