Annual Block 1: obligation to follow a major to be chosen among the list here below.

Annual Block 2: if the student does not go on exchange : obligation to follow the "LSM courses (if no exchange)" (15 credits) + 1 Option (15 credits); please check the offer here below.

Note that, if the chosen Major/Option is not organised on your main site, help for the mobility (https://uclouvain.be/fr/facultes/lsm/mobilite-intersites.html) are available.

To help you in your choice of major, take a look at the description of the majors and the description of the options.

> Majors
> Major Supply Chain Management (LLN)
> Major Innovation Management (LLN)
> Major International Finance (LLN)
> Major Financial Engineering (LLN)
> Major Marketing Strategy for Connected Brands (LLN)
> Philippe de Woot Major in Corporate Sustainable Management (LLN)
> Formation interdisciplinaire en création d'entreprise CPME (LLN)
> Major International Business (LLN)
> Major Business Analytics (Mons)
> Major Financial Management (Mons)
> Majeure Décisions marketing tactiques et digitales (Mons)
> Major Business Analytics and Digital Marketing (Mons)
> Majeure Transportation Management (Mons) and Supply Chain (Louvain-la-Neuve)
> LSM courses (if no exchange)
> LSM Courses (if no exchange)
> Options (alternative à l'échange)
> Option International Finance (LLN)
> Option Financial Engineering (LLN)
> Option Marketing Strategy for Connected Brands (LLN)
> Option Corporate Sustainable Management (LLN)
> Option Sourcing and Procurement (LLN)
> Option Transport et logistique (Mons)
> Option Entrepreneurship (Mons)
> Option Immersion professionnelle en digital marketing (Mons)
> Option Decision Marketing (Mons)
> Option Asset Management (Mons)
> Option Fiscalité (ICHEC)
> Option Développement et gestion Nord-Sud (ICHEC)