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This option is not accessible to students who have chosen the option in creation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

This option is not proposed in the English language.

The aim of this option is to familiarize a student in engineering with the basic principles of business management.

Courses not taught this academic yearPeriodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic yearTwo year courses

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This option cannot be chosen along with the option relating to the launching of small and medium-sized companies. FSA 2240 is not included in this option for GCE students. The student who chooses this option shall select from 16 to 20 credits among
Optional LFSA2140

Elements of industrial laws Fernand De Visscher, Fernand De Visscher, Fernand De Visscher, Werner Derycke, Werner Derycke, Werner Derycke, Bénédicte Inghels, Bénédicte Inghels, Bénédicte Inghels30h 3credits 1q xx
Optional LFSA2230

Introduction to management and to business economics Benoît Gailly30h + 15h 4credits 2q xx
Optional LFSA1290

Introduction to financial and accounting management Gerrit Sarens30h + 15h 4credits 2q xx
Optional LFSA2245

Environment and Enterprise Thierry Bréchet30h 3credits 1q xx
Optional LFSA2235

Project management N.30h 3credits 1qCourses not taught this academic year xx
Optional LFSA2210

Organisation and human resources John Cultiaux30h 3credits 1q xx

MandatoryAlternative to the Management option for computer science students
Computer science students who have already followed various courses of this discipline during their Bachelor's curriculum shall select between 16 and 20 credits in the program "mineure en gestion pour les sciences informatiques" http://www.uclouvain.be/prog-2011-mingest3.html
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