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Software Engineering and programming Systems [30.0]

Students who have completed the "Software engineering and programming systems" option, will be able to:
  • Understand and explain the problems encountered when engineering large software projects, as well as the critical impact of the solutions chosen throughout the entire software life cycle (problems related to construction, validation, documentation, communication or project management involving big teams as well as the cost and deadlines to respect).
  • Choose and apply the appropriate methods and tools to engineer complex software systems that satisfy strict quality criteria: reliability, adaptability, evolutionarity, performance, security, usability, ...
  • Model products and processes necessary to obtain such systems and to analyse these methods.
  • Develop and implement programmes to analyse, transforme and optimise of complex date representations.
  • Use wisely different programming paradigms and languages, and functional, object-oriented and distributed programming in particular for a given problem.
  • Understand the differences between various models of concurrent and distributed programming and to be able to use the appropriate model.
  • Define new programming languages (syntax and semantics) appropriate to solve problems in a specific domain.
Courses not taught this academic yearPeriodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic yearTwo year courses

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L'étudiant sélectionne 30 crédits .

MandatoryCompulsory courses in Software Engineering and Programming Systems25 credits among
Mandatory LSINF2224

Programming methods Charles Pecheur30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Mandatory LINGI2252

Software Engineering : Measures and Maintenance Kim Mens30h + 15h 5credits 1q xx
Mandatory LINGI2339

Abstract interpretation N.30h + 15h 5credits 1qPeriodic courses not taught this academic year xx
Mandatory LSINF2345

Languages and algorithms for distributed applications Peter Van Roy30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Mandatory LINGI2355

Software requirements & architecture Axel Van Lamsweerde30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx

MandatoryElective courses in Software Engineering and Programming Systems
The student shall select 1 course from amongst
Optional LSINF2172

Database design N.30h + 30h 5credits 2qCourses not taught this academic year xx
Optional LSINF2335

Programming paradigms : theory, practice and applications Kim Mens30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Optional LSINF2356

Human-computer interaction Jean Vanderdonckt30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Optional LSINF2382

Computer supported collaborative work Jean Vanderdonckt30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Optional LINGI2143

Concurrent systems : models and analysis Charles Pecheur30h + 15h 5credits 1q xx
Optional LINGI2264

Automated reasoning Charles Pecheur30h + 15h 5credits 1q xx
Optional LINGI2346

Distributed application design Marc Lobelle30h + 15h 5credits 1q xx
Optional LINGI2365

Constraint programming Yves Deville30h + 15h 5credits 2q xx
Optional LINMA2111

Discrete mathematics II : Algorithms and complexity  Vincent Blondel30h + 22.5h 5credits 2q xx
Optional LINGI2144

Secured systems engineering Gildas Avoine30h + 15h 5credits 1q xx
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