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Option en physique fondamentale [0.0]

This option allows the student to further his (her) knowledge of the basic physical theories relating to nuclei and atoms, as well as critical phenomena (phase transitions).
Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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The student registrered in this option choosesfrom 20 to 30 credits among
Optional LPHY1221

Group theory   (in French) Philippe Ruelle 22.5h + 15h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LPHY1323

General Relativity  (in French) Jean-Marc Gérard 30h + 15h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LPHY1322

Quantum Physics 2  (in French) Christophe Ringeval 45h + 22.5h  6credits  1q  x x
Optional LPHY2110

Phénomènes critiques (théorie statistique des champs)  (in French) Philippe Ruelle, Philippe Ruelle 22.5h  4credits  1q  x x
Optional LPHY2120

Théorie quantique des champs I (introduction)  (in French) Jean-Marc Gérard 22.5h  4credits  1q  x x
Optional LPHY2122

Théorie quantique des champs II  (in French) Jan Govaerts 30h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LPHY2125

Mécanique quantique relativiste  (in French) Fabio Maltoni 15h + 15h  4credits  1q  x x
Optional LPHY2171

Méthodes mathématiques de la physique  (in French) Christophe Ringeval 30h + 15h  5credits  1q  x x
Optional LPHYS2355

Nuclear physics  N. 45h  7credits  1qCourses not taught this academic year  x x
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