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Setting up small and medium-sized businesses

This option is common to most Master’s in engineering, and aims to familiarize students with the basic specificities of SMCs, entrepreneurship and launching, so as to develop the skills, knowledge and tools required in launching a company. Access is limited to a small number of students chosen on the basis of motivation and individual interviews. The motivation applications for this option must be submitted before the start of the academic year, to:
Secrétariat CPME - Place des Doyens 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (tél 10/47 84 59).
Selected students will replace the final thesis of the core curriculum by a specific thesis in company launching (same number of credits).
Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
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Un ensemble d'informations complémentaires sur cette option sont disponibles à l'adresse http://www.uclouvain.be/cpme . Cette option ne peut être prise simultanément avec l'option en gestion/management. L'étudiant qui choisit cette option sélectionnefrom 20 to 30 credits among

MandatoryCompulsory courses
Mandatory LCPME2001

Entrepreneurship Theory  Olivier Giacomin (supplée Frank Janssen), Frank Janssen 30h  5credits    x  
Mandatory LCPME2003

Business plan of the creation of a company  Frank Janssen, Olivier Jaspers 30h  5credits      x
Mandatory LCPME2002

Managerial, legal and economic aspects of the creation of a company  (in French) Régis Coeurderoy, Yves De Cordt 30h  5credits    x x
Mandatory LCPME2004

Advanced seminar on Enterpreneurship  (in French) Frank Janssen 30h  5credits    x x

OptionalElective courses
This trainee programme is not compatible with FSA 2995
Optional LCPME2995

Stage en entreprise  (in French) N.   10credits    x x

OptionalPrerequisite CPME course
Students who have not taken a management course within their former curriculum shall include CPME2000 in their current curriculum.
Mandatory LCPME2000

Management Foundations of a small/middle size company  Régis Coeurderoy, Paul Vanzeveren 30h  5credits    x  
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