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Core courses

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Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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Mandatory LFYAP2990

Travail de fin d'études  (in French) Joris Proost   28credits      x
Mandatory LELEC1330

Physics of electronics  (in French) Vincent Bayot (coord.), Denis Flandre, Jean-Pierre Raskin 30h + 30h  5credits  2q  x  
Mandatory LELEC1350

APPLIED ELECTROMAGNETISM  (in French) Christophe Craeye, Danielle Janvier 30h + 30h  5credits  1q  x  
Mandatory LPHY2141

Optique et lasers  (in French) Philippe Antoine, Alain Cornet 30h + 10h  5credits  1q  x x
Mandatory LPHY1223

Special Relativity  (in French) Jean-Marc Gérard, Jan Govaerts 22.5h + 15h  4credits  1q  x x

MandatoryReligion courses for student in exact sciences
The student shall select2 credits among
Optional LTECO2100

Questions of religious sciences: biblical readings  Bernard Van Meenen 15h  2credits  1q  x x
Optional LTECO2200

Questions of religious sciences: reflections about christian faith  Dominique Martens 15h  2credits  2q  x x
Optional LTECO2300

Questions of religious sciences: questions about ethics  Philippe Cochinaux 15h  2credits  1q  x x
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