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Research Focus [30.0]

Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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MandatoryCours d'approfondissement (15credits)

MandatoryApprofondissement théorique (10credits)
Deux cours parmi
Optional LANTR2100

Basics of anthropology  Pierre-Joseph Laurent 30h  5credits  1q  x  
Optional LANTR2110

The history and theories of anthropology  Robert Deliège 30h  5credits  1q  x  
Optional LARKO2290

Prehistory and Evolutionary Physical Anthropology  Nicolas Cauwe, Marie-Claire Van Dyck 30h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LFILO2310

Advanced studies in Cultural Anthropology A   Nathalie Frogneux 30h  5credits  Periodic courses not taught this academic year  x x

MandatoryCours approfondi de sociologie au choix (5credits)
Un parmi :
Optional LSOC2005

Identity, Gender and Sexuality  Jacques Marquet 30h  5credits  1q    x
Optional LSOC2020

Sociologie of Culture and Intercultural Dynamics  Marie Verhoeven 30h  5credits  2q    x
Optional LSOC2045

Sociology of Economic Practices  Christian Arnsperger, Thomas Périlleux 30h  5credits  1q    x
Optional LSOC2010

Regulation, Norms and Modernities  Jean De Munck 30h  5credits  2q    x
Optional LSOC2015

Social Structures and Power  Luc Van Campenhoudt 30h  5credits  2q    x
Optional LSOC2025

Sociology of Organisations and Organised Action  Christian Maroy, Marc Zune (supplée Christian Maroy) 30h  5credits  2q    x

MandatoryPratique de la recherche : formation à la recherche (10credits)
Optional LANTR2120

Audio-visual anthropology course (theory and workshop)  Olivier Servais 15h  5credits  1q  x x
Optional LSOC2080

Structural Analysis (Epistemology, Method and Technique)  Jean-Pierre Hiernaux 30h  5credits  2q  x x
Optional LSOC2085

Qualitative Methodology : Comprehensive Interview and Life history Accounts (Epistemology, Methods and Techniques  Marie Verhoeven 30h  5credits  2q  x x

MandatoryMémoire - stage de terrain (5credits)
Mandatory LANTR2902

Stage de terrain - finalité approfondie  (in French) N.   5credits    x x
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