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Teaching Focus [30.0]

Mandatory Optional
Courses not taught this academic year Periodic courses not taught this academic year
Periodic courses taught this academic year Two year courses

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Mandatory LAGRE2020

To understand the adolescent in school situation, to manage the interpersonal relationship and to animate the class group  (in French) Anne Chevalier, Ann d'Alcantara, Bernard Demuysere, Christian Lannoye, Marie-Christine Liesse, Pierre Meurens, Pascale Steyns, Philippe van Meerbeeck, Marie-Cécile Wagner (coord.) 22.5h + 22.5h  4credits    x x
Mandatory LAGRE2220

General didactics and education to interdisciplinarity  (in French) Ghislain Carlier, Marie-Laurence De Keersmaecker, Myriam De Kesel (coord.), Jean-Louis Dufays, Philippe Parmentier, Marc Romainville, Bernadette Wiame 22.5h + 15h  4credits    x x
Mandatory LAGRE2400

See specifications in french  (in French) Michel Dupuis, Anne Ghysselinckx (coord.) 20h  2credits    x x
Mandatory LAGES2530

Communication des savoirs scientifiques  Fabienne Thomas (supplée Philippe Verhaegen), Philippe Verhaegen 30h  4credits    x x
Mandatory LAGES2802

Didactique des sciences sociales et réflexion sur le contenu des programmes  Annick Detry, Francis Laroche 45h  4credits    x x
Mandatory LAGES2801

Exercices de micro-enseignement et accompagnement des stages en sciences sociales  Serge de Patoul, Annick Detry 30h  4credits    x x
Mandatory LAGES9009

Stage d'enseignement  (in French) N. 60h  8credits    x x
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