Travelling to Sol Cress in Spa, Belgium

A shuttle service is operated by Airport 2000 from the Liège Guillemins railway station and Brussels Airport (BRU). The shuttle ride from Liège-Guillemins takes about 35 minutes and from Brussels Airport 1 hour and 20 minutes. The service runs 24/7 and is offered to conference participants at the rate of 20.00EUR per person from Liège-Guillemins (for minimum 4 persons or 75EUR if only one) and 60.00EUR per person from Brussels Airport (up to three people may travel in the same vehicle at this rate). The Airport 2000 shuttle may be booked by sending an email (in English or French) to, no later than June 3rd. Do not forget to mention the arrival and departure time of your flight or train, your exact destination (domain Sol Cress, Spa), and the fact that you are participating to the Householder Symposium. Payment in cash or by credit card (payment by credit card is only possible in Brussels Airport).
Note that Airport 2000 can also propose a shuttle from other airports: Charleroi, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Köln, Paris, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Luxemburg. The price depends on the number of persons but will be interesting for travelers if at least 3 persons are in the vehicle.

Travelling by train to Liège-Guillemins from a European destination, see, e.g., Liège Guillemins is an intercity station with high speed connections from the cities of Brussels, Paris and Köln. There are slow train and bus connections from Liège to Spa, and you can walk 1.3 km up hill to Sol Cress from the railway station, but we suggest to use the option of the shuttle from Liège-Guillemins.

Travelling by air to Liège-Guillemins: major international airports near Spa are Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris. For trains to Liège Guillemins, check, e.g.,
  • From Brussels airport:
    • IR trains to Brussels (Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel-Noord) or Leuven.
    • Then change for IC or ICE trains to Liège Guillemins.
    • Travel time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.
    • Note that the shuttle service operated by Airport 2000 can bring you directly from Brussels Airport to Sol Cress in Spa for the rate of 60EUR per person.
  • From Frankfurt:
    • ICE directly to Liège Guillemins.
    • Or ICE to Köln, then ICE or Thalys to Liège Guillemins.
    • Travel time: slightly over 2 hours.
  • From Paris Charles De Gaulle:
    • There are 7 direct TGV connections from Charles De Gaulle to Brussels (Bruxelles- Midi/Brussel-Zuid).
    • From Brussels to Liège Guillemins by IC/ICE.
    • Travel time: 2 hours 53 minutes.
  • From Amsterdam Schiphol:
    • From Schiphol to Brussels (Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel-Noord) by Thalys or IC.
    • Then from Brussels to Liège Guillemins by Thalys, ICE or IC.
    • Travel time: around 3 hours.

There is a local airport in Liège with a few European destinations. Airport 2000 can propose a shuttle from there for the same price as Liège-Guillemins.

Travelling by car: See for more information


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