Laboratory of Neural Differentiation (NEDI)

Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology (AMCB)

Last update :

June 2022

Phenotypic analyses of the Central Nervous System


- immunolabelings on cryosections or whole-mount samples

- in situ hybridization on cryosections or whole-mount samples

- anterograde or retrograde labelings (DiI, Dextran, FluoroGold)

- regular fluorescence, confocal or light-sheet microscopy

- quantitative analysis of neuronal distribution in the spinal cord

Genetics and biochemical analyses


- quantification of gene expression by RT-qPCR

- chromatin immunoprecipitation

- transient transfection of immortalized cell line

- isolation of spinal neuronal populations by FACS

Chicken embryo electroporation and organotypic cultures


- chicken embryonic encephalon or spinal cord electroporation

- organotypic culture of embryonic spinal cord explants

- time-lapse imaging of spinal cord slices

Advanced techniques in molecular biology


- Gateway technology and homologous recombination in bacteria

- manipulation and modification of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BAC)

- recombination-mediated cassette exchange at the Rosa26 locus

Chicken embryonic spinal cord electroporation

Technical expertise

Animal models of adult spinal cord lesions


- adult spinal cord injury : compression model

- genetic mouse models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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