AFLS 2020: ‘Le français aujourd’hui, entre discours et usages’

15-17 June 2020, Brussels

AFLS 2020 : Colloque de l’ AFLS (Association d’études en langue française)

The conference will be an opportunity to explore the French language in relation to all aspects of its variation(s), and also to consider discourses around the language, whether by specialists or other. 

Invited speakers: 
Dalila Ayoun (University of Arizona) 
Carole Etienne (Laboratoire ICAR, CNRS) 
Jean-Marie Klinkenberg (Université de Liège) 
Marie-Louise Moreau (Université de Mons)

Call for Papers: 

Abstracts for presentation of papers are invited in the following areas, among others: 
– variation in French (geographical, diaphasic, diastratic, diamesic); 
– relations between language, discourse and society; 
– representations of language and linguistic practices; 
– discourses on the norm; 
– French as a first language, second language, language of instruction, etc.; 
– French in social networks; 
– French in language contact situations; 
– French in the francophone space; 
– language policy surrounding French; 
– etc. 

A special panel will be devoted to the theme of variation in the expression of the future in French. Proposals are welcome for other panels. 

The languages of the conference are both French and English, with proposals to be written in the language intended for the presentation. Presentations will be 30 minutes (20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions). 
Abstracts (400 words maximum, title and references included) should be submitted by the deadline of 31 January 2020 at Abstracts should be anonymous, and should indicate the subject area(s) (e.g. from the above list above).