Option in Management and Music [15]

This option course offers students training in the music professions. Management, criticism and musical activities are the main highlights of this focus organised in collaboration with the Ecole de communication (UCLouvain).

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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Students must choose 15 credits from the courses below :
Mandatory Content:
Optional LCOMU1211 Theories in Information and Communication   Thibault Philippette
30h+20h  5 credits q2
Optional LCOMU2605 Analysis of televised series   Sarah Sepulchre
30h  5 credits q2
Optional LCOMU2221 Analyse des productions cinématographiques   Nicolas Wouters
, Nicolas Wouters (compensates Sébastien Fevry)
22.5h  5 credits q2
Optional LCOMU2431 Journalisme et audiences : mesures , usages et engagement des publics   Gaspard Grosjean
, Stéphane Rosenblatt
, Olivier Standaert
15h  5 credits q2
Optional LTHEA2223 Cultural Law and Administration   Ariane Joachimowicz
22.5h  5 credits q2
Optional MCOMU2209 Internet et société   Sandrine Roginsky
30h  5 credits q1
Optional MCOMU2703 Etudes culturelles   Sébastien Fevry
30h  5 credits q1