Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add supplementary classes at the beginning of their Master’s programme in order to obtain the prerequisites for these studies.

The complementary module to the Master's degree in Statistics, Biostatistics Orientation aims to prepare a student who does not have the required knowledge of probability calculation and statistics, mathematics, computer science, biology and English to undertake the studies of the Master's degree in Statistics, Biostatistics Orientation. The proposed activities include theoretical teaching units, exercise sessions and practical exercises.

This additional module is intended for all students whose admission is not direct (see the Master's admission requirements). A study advisor will inform the student of the list of SUs to be followed and this list will be approved by the jury.

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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Optional Bloc intégré de probabilité, statistique et mathématique
Mandatory LSTAT2011 Éléments de mathématiques pour la statistique   Catherine Legrand
15h+15h  3 credits q1
Mandatory LSTAT2012 Probabilités: Concepts de base pour l'analyse statistique   Eugen Pircalabelu
15h+15h  3 credits q1
Mandatory LSTAT2013 Concepts de base en statistique inférentielle   Eugen Pircalabelu
15h+15h  3 credits q1
Optional Cours de mathématiques
Optional LBIR1110 Introduction to analysis   Emmanuel Hanert
30h+30h  6 credits q1
Optional LMAT1101 Mathematics 1   Pedro Dos Santos Santana Forte Vaz
30h+20h  4 credits q1
Optional LMAT1102 Mathematics 2   Augusto Ponce
30h+30h  4 credits q2
Optional LINGE1114 Mathematics I: analysis   Heiner Olbermann
30h+30h  5 credits q1
Optional LINGE1121 Mathematics II: algebra and matrix calculus   Tom Claeys
30h+30h  5 credits q2
Optional Cours d'informatique
Optional LINGE1225 Programming in Economics and Management   Marco Saerens
22.5h+22.5h  4 credits q1
Optional Cours de la spécialité
Optional LBIO1110 Life : diversity and evolution   Patrick Dumont
, Thierry Hance
, Caroline Nieberding (coord.)
30h+10h  4 credits q1
Optional LBIO1114 Introduction to biology   Patrick Dumont
, Caroline Nieberding
30h+7.5h  3 credits q2
Optional LBIO1111 Cell and molecular biology   André Lejeune
30h+20h  5 credits q1
Optional LIEPR1004A Biologie cellulaire et éléments d'histologie (partim A FSA)   45h  4 credits q2
Optional LPSP1005 General biology, including elements of human genetics   André Moens
30h  4 credits q1
Optional WMD1102 Physique expérimentale et introduction mathématique aux sciences expérimentales (1e partie)   Eduardo Cortina Gil
60h+21h  8 credits q1
Optional WMDS1113 Epidémiologie, santé publique et soins de santé   Benoit Boland
, Jean Macq (coord.)
, Andrea Penaloza-Baeza
30h+20h  4 credits q2
Optional Cours de probabilités et statistique
Optional LBIR1212 Probabilities and statistics (I)   Patrick Bogaert
30h+15h  4 credits q1
Optional LBIR1315 Probability and statistics II   Patrick Bogaert
22.5h+22.5h  3 credits q1
Optional LINGE1222 Multivariate Statistical Analysis   Nathan Uyttendaele (compensates Johan Segers)
30h+15h  4 credits q2
Optional LPSP1209 Statistics, inference on one or two variables   Bernadette Govaerts
22.5h+15h  4 credits q1
Optional LPSP1306 Statistics: descriptive analysis and GLM multivariate data modeling   Nathalie Lefèvre
, Cédric Taverne
30h+15h  4 credits q2
Optional LMAFY1101 Data exploration and introduction to statiscal inference   Anouar El Ghouch
30h+30h  5 credits q2
Optional LBIO1283 Statistical principles and biological data analysis   Nicolas Schtickzelle
30h+40h  4 credits q2
Optional Cours d'anglais (3 credits)
Optional LANGL1330 English intermediate level - 1st part   Stéphanie Brabant
, Estelle Dagneaux
, Aurélie Deneumoustier
, Fanny Desterbecq
, Marie Duelz
, Amandine Dumont
, Jérémie Dupal (compensates Anne-Julie Toubeau)
, Carlo Lefevre
, Sandrine Mulkers (coord.)
, Marc Piwnik (coord.)
, Nevin Serbest
, Françoise Stas
20h  3 credits q1 or q2
Optional LANGL1853 English: Reading Comprehension   Estelle Dagneaux (coord.)
, Anne-Julie Toubeau
30h  3 credits q2