Students in this programme have a choice of four options followed by a complement to the chosen option in the second year of the programme.

Students who wish to take the CPME module have to enrol in their first year of the master programme. It will be considered however as a complement to the option chosen in the first year.

Students have also the opportunity to take optionnal courses either from a suggested list or from another programme at UCL. In this case, the choice has to be validated by the Study Counsellor. Prior to that, the student must obtain an authorization from the lecturer of the course.


> Option 4A - Environmental Technologies
> Option 4E - Environmental Technologies
> Complement to the option 4E : Environmental technologies
> Option 5E - Land Use Planning
> Option 5E - Land Use Planning
> Option's complement 5E - Land Use Planning
> Option 7E - Water and Soil ressources
> Option 7E- Water and Soil Resources
> Option's complement 7E - Water and soil resources
> Option 10E - Data sciences
> Option 10E - Data science
> Option's complement - Data science
> Option 13E - Business Creation
> Business Creation (13E)