Professional Focus [30.0]

thea2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

This specialization should allow students to build on the theoretical and practical knowledge they gained in the core curriculum activities. In addition to a further practical module, they are given the opportunity to learn about art, literature and cultural management, since people who work in the theatre nowadays are often required to wear several hats: director, dramatist, manager, set designer, communications officer and writer. In addition to their professional focus, the student will complete professional placements which will be suggested in the optional courses.

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Annual block
  1 2

Mandatory Contenu:
Mandatory LTHEA2172 Theatre studies: a case study   Jonathan Châtel
45h  6 credits 1q x x
Mandatory LROM2791 Literature, theatre and humanities   Pierre Piret
30h  4 credits 2q x x
Mandatory LTHEA2255 Techniques of dramatic writing   Kossi Efoui
15h  4 credits 1q x x
Mandatory LTHEA2152 Practical Study in Theatre Design   Daniel Lesage
30h  4 credits 2q x x
Mandatory LTHEA2222 Organisation and management of cultural organisations connected with the theatre (IADT4004)   30h  4 credits 2q x x
Mandatory LTHEA2223 Cultural Law and Administration   Ariane Joachimowicz
22.5h  4 credits 2q x x
Mandatory LTHEA2160 Belgian theatre: institutions and practices   Véronique Lemaire
30h  4 credits 1q x x