Learning outcomes

min-lhisp100i  2019-2020 

The minor program in "Spanish Studies" aims to provide students with both a theoretical and practical introduction to the basic linguistic, literary and cultural principles of Spanish. 

The program will focus above all on learning the language, but also includes an introduction to the history of Spanish literature and culture. Once the course is completed, students will primarily have acquired a passive and active oral and written command of Spanish.

Students of modern languages and literature (general option) as well as students of French and Romance languages and literature who have taken this minor course will, provided they meet some extra entry requirements, be able to continue studying the Spanish language and culture as part of the Masters electives. Moreover, as part of the agrégation, students of Romance languages may, in addition to their didactical training in their basic discipline, take didactical courses in Spanish language and literature which will give them the possibility of teaching Spanish at a later stage.

On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

1. atteindre le niveau B1 en compétences actives et B2 en compétences passives de l’espagnol.

2. développer une analyse approfondie d’un corpus de textes littéraire modernes ou contemporains, en lien avec des connaissances de théorie littéraire, littérature comparée et esthétique générale issues de la majeure.

3. développer une analyse approfondie d’un corpus linguistique oral ou écrit, en lien avec des connaissances et pratiques acquises dans des cours de linguistique générale ou d’autres langues étudiées dans la majeure.

4. développer des connaissances en histoire et histoire de l’art du monde hispanique et pouvoir les mobiliser dans l’analyse littéraire ou linguistique.