3rd annual unit

lafr1ba  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

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Mandatory Major
Mandatory General training

Most of the general training courses in the first semester of the first year of the Bachelor¿s programme are common to all students in the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters. This makes it easier to change to another programme in the Faculty at the end of this semester.  

Mandatory LHIST1381 Fundamentals of institutional and political history : antiquity   Françoise Van Haeperen
15h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory Modern languages and literatures : French
Mandatory LROM1222 Linguistique française II : approche historique   Philippe Hambye
30h+7.5h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LROM1300 History of French Literature from 1850 to the contemporary period   Vincent Engel
30h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LROM1330 Critical analysis of Medieval Texts : Middle French   Mattia Cavagna
30h  4 credits 1q
Mandatory Ancient Languages and Literatures : Latin
Mandatory LGLOR1341 Latin Language II   Lambert Isebaert
37.5h+7.5h  6 credits 1 + 2q
Mandatory LGLOR1431 Latin Literature A   Paul Deproost
15h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LGLOR1432 Latin Literature B   Paul Deproost
15h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LGLOR1481 Latin Authors : Poetry   Paul Deproost
45h  6 credits 1 + 2q
Mandatory LGLOR1482 Latin Authors : Prose-Writing   Paul Deproost
45h  6 credits 1 + 2q
Mandatory Courses of modern language

Students must study the same language throughout the bachelor's programme. The student will choose one course from block two and one course from block three.  

Optionnal LALLE2410 German: interactive communication   Ann Rinder
30h  3 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LANGL2410 Interactive English Communication   Philippe Denis
30h  3 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LNEER2410 Dutch communication skills for students in Classical Languages, Oriental Languages and Latin-French   Mariken Smit (coord.)
30h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory One religious sciences course
Optionnal LTECO1210 Questions of Religious Sciences: Biblical Readings   Claude Lichtert (compensates Geert Van Oyen)
, Geert Van Oyen
15h  2 credits 1q
Optionnal LTECO1220 Questions of Religious Sciences: Reflections about Christian Faith   Jean Leclercq
15h  2 credits 1q
Optionnal LTECO1230 Questions of Religious Sciences: Questions about Ethics   Serge Maucq
15h  2 credits 2q
Mandatory Optional courses

A minimum of 4 credits to be chosen from :  

Optionnal LARKE1552 Arts and Civilisations : Greek and Roman Antiquity   Marco Cavalieri
, Jan Driessen
30h  4 credits 2q
Optionnal LFILO1280 History of philosophy 1 : History of ancient philosophy   Jean-Michel Counet
30h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal LFILO1315 Seminar on philosophical texts by ancient authors   Pierre Destrée
30h  4 credits 2q
Optionnal LFIAL1330 General and Comparative Literature : Methods and Practices   Sophie Dufays
30h  3 credits 2q
Optionnal LHIST1431 Specialized heuristics and exercises on questions of history : antiquity   Françoise Van Haeperen
15h+15h  4 credits 1q
Optionnal LROM1260 Critical analysis of Texts : the French Language Novel   Vincent Engel
30h+7.5h  4 credits 1q
Optionnal LROM1311 Romance Linguistics : Etymology, History, Politics   Philippe Hambye
30h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal LROM1321 Analysis and Practice of Argumentative Writing   Damien Zanone
15h+15h  4 credits 2q
Optionnal LROM1331 French Linguistics III : from words to discourse   Cédrick Fairon
, Anne-Catherine Simon
45h  6 credits 1 + 2q
Optionnal LROM1360 Critical analysis of Texts: the French Language Theatre   Pierre Piret
30h  4 credits 1q
Optionnal LROM1523 Belgian Francophone Literature   Pierre Piret
, Alice Richir
, Alice Richir (compensates Pierre Piret)
30h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory Final assignment
Mandatory LLAFR1599 Travail de fin de cycle     5 credits 1 + 2q
Mandatory Minor

Students must choose a minor from the University Faculty programmes, subject to possible prerequisites required by the programme managers. Students spread these courses over the second and third blocs of the Bachelor programme so that each academic year comes to a total of 60 credits.  

Mandatory Second part of the minor     15 credits