Finalité approfondie [30.0]

gest2m  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

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The research focus of 30 credits is centered on the epistemological and methodological training for research in management sciences. The student can also have the opportunity to participate to a research internship at a research center linked to the LSM. He may also write a research master's thesis that consists of either a state of literature and the design of a research project, either a first preliminary empirical research in a PhD.

Annual block
  1 2

Mandatory LLSMA2001 Epistemology of Management (in English)   Matthieu de Nanteuil
30h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LLSMA2002 Research Methods   Philippe Chevalier
, Alain Decrop
, Assaad El Akremi
60h  10 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LLSMA2005 Reading Seminar     5 credits 1 + 2q x  
Mandatory LLSMA2006 Theories of Organizations in Management   Régis Coeurderoy
30h  5 credits 2q x  
Mandatory LLSMA2007 Communication and Writing Skills   Manuel Kolp
, Valérie Swaen
30h  5 credits 2q x