gest2m  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Annual Block 1: obligation to follow a major to be chosen among the list here below.

> The document describes the majors (target, career opportunities,...) offered in the master in management.
The description of each course within the majors is available by clicking among the majors here below.

Annual Block 2: if the student does not go on exchange, obligation to follow an option of 15 credits and 3 courses: one strategy course, one language course and one elective course. Please check the offer here below.


> Majeure Management humain et intervention dans les organisations (LLN)
> Major European Business (LLN)
> Majeure Managerial Corporate Finance (LLN)
> Major Marketing Strategy for Connected Brands (LLN)
> Major Consumer Insights (LLN)
> Philippe de Woot Major in Corporate Sustainable Management (LLN)
> Formation interdisciplinaire en création d'entreprise CPME (LLN)
> Major International Business (LLN)
> Major Financial Management (Mons)
> Majeure Révisorat et expertise comptable (Mons)
> Majeure Décisions marketing tactiques et digitales (Mons)

LSM COURSES (if no exchange)

> International Strategic Management course
> Elective courses
> Compulsory language course

OPTIONS (alternative à l'échange)

> Option Management humain et intervention dans les organisations (LLN)
> Option Managerial Corporate Finance (LLN)
> Option Marketing Strategy for Connected Brands (LLN)
> Option Consumer Insights (LLN)
> Option Corporate Sustainable Management (LLN)
> Option Transport et logistique (Mons)
> Option Entrepreneurship (Mons)
> Option Immersion professionnelle en digital marketing (Mons)
> Option Decision Marketing (Mons)
> Option Financial Management (Mons)
> Option Révisorat et expertise comptable (Mons)
> Option Marketing Communication (Mons)
> Option Développement et gestion Nord-Sud (ICHEC)
> Option Fiscalité (ICHEC)
> Option Services and Marketing Management I : Managing Resources in a Service World (UNamur)