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Study programme 2014-2015

Teaching and training

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The professional focus worth 30 credits is based on advanced study of the various disciplines of business engineering : Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Information Systems and Technology. The professional focus also involves a compulsory internship worth 10 credits (does not apply to CPME Students).

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Mandatory Business engineering fields (20 credits)
Mandatory Quantitative or Technological Project (10 credits)

1 course among :  

Optionnal LLSMF2018 Technological project (in French)   Paul Fisette, Benoît Macq, Bernard Nysten (coord.) 60h  10 credits 1q x  
Optionnal LLSMF2019 Quantitative project (in English)   Philippe Chevalier, Mathieu Van Vyve 60h  10 credits 1q x  
Mandatory Project or Innovation Management (5 credits)

1 course among:  

Optionnal LLSMF2021 Project management (in English)   Jean Raucent, Pierre Semal (coord.) 30h  5 credits 1q x  
Optionnal LLSMF2015 Technology & Innovation Strategic Management (in English)  

May not be chosen with the Innovation Management option

Régis Coeurderoy (compensates Alain Vas), Bernard Paque (compensates Alain Vas), Alain Vas 30h  5 credits 2q x  
Mandatory Data or Information Systems Management (5 credits)

1 course among:  

Optionnal LLSMF2013 Quantitative data analysis(in English)  

Prérequis obligatoires : 1 cours de statistiques approfondies ET de statistiques multivariées

Marco Saerens 30h  5 credits 2q x  
Optionnal LLSMF2014 IT management (in French)  

May not be chosen with the Information Systems option

Manuel Kolp 30h  5 credits 2q x  
Mandatory Internship - 1 Internship among: (10 credits)
Optionnal Internship (10 credits)
Mandatory LLSMD2915 Stage avec accompagnement   N.   8 credits   x
Mandatory LLSMD2095 Séminaire d'accompagnement du stage   Nathalie Delobbe, Thomas Périlleux (coord.), Mathieu Van Vyve 15h  2 credits 2q   x
Optionnal IB Internship (10 credits)

It's compulsory for selecte IB students to register to the IB internship which is exclusively reserved.  

Mandatory LLSMD2916 International Internship   N.   8 credits   x
Mandatory LLSMD2914 International Internship's Coaching   Christophe Lejeune 30h  2 credits 2q   x