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Bachelor in Engineering [180.0] - FSA1BA


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General objectives 
The bachelor's programme in Engineering Sciences : Engineering, leads to the degree of "Bachelor of Engineering Sciences : Engineering" of the French-speaking Community of Belgium. Upon successful completion of this first cycle of studies, the student will have access to one or several titles in Engineering Sciences, awarded by the Faculty of Applied Sciences, by doing one of the corresponding master's programmes.
The general objectives of the bachelor's programme in Engineering Sciences are, therefore, aimed at the acquisition of : 
  • lasting scientific knowledge : a solid grounding in the sciences as well as the practice and integration of previously acquired knowledge
  • a solid basis in specialised studies, entitling access to a master's (either at UCL, within the French-speaking Community or abroad) : progressive orientation, one or two specialisations in Engineering Sciences
  • high level competence and skills : analysis, critical spirit, self-evaluation, conception (of models, tools, systems, processes and procedures), sound written and oral communication skills and professional team-work qualities. The programme is designed to integrate the necessary skills within a pluridisciplinary context (including the Human Sciences, Ethics, the Environment and Sustainable Development).


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The course activities are evaluated in accordance with the prevailing rules of the University (c.f. exam regulations ).
In the context of the projects and certain other subject activities, the student will be closely followed in his studies throughout the whole process, in an effort to situate himself appropriately with respect to his individual work and group work and make any necessary readjustments. On the other hand, he will be evaluated during the course of the quadrimester (ongoing evaluation) and again at the end of the quadrimester for each of the subjects taken, to ascertain whether he fulfils the demands of the programme and has completed the modules concerned successfully. These evaluations are both written and oral. The specific details and procedures for the ongoing evaluation are explained at the beginning of each period of the study programme.
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