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Bachelor in Biomedicine [180.0] - SBIM1BA


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Biomedical Sciences focus on the study of the fundamental mechanisms of life, on the physiopathology of human diseases and on the research of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
Biomedical Sciences prepare the student for fundamental, applied or clinical research in multi-disciplinary teams and milieux as diverse as the university, the hospital or the industry.
The bachelor's of Biomedical Sciences prepares for the development of experimental approaches in domains such as cellular and molecular biology, nutrition, toxicology and applied or clinical Biomedical Sciences. The bachelor's programme aims at the acquisition of knowledge necessary in a profession where intellectual rigour is needed : a keen sense of observation, the capacity to understand and process data, a critical analysis of the collected data. All of these skills will be acquired thanks to the practical part of the course-work.

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Acquisition of the course content is evaluated in accordance with the prevailing University rules and regulations (c.f. exam reglementation). Exams are organised at the end of the course session periods (January, June) as well as in September. Evaluation of the practical tasks and work experience also take the form of ongoing evaluation.
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