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Study programme 2011-2012

The study programme gives a list of all the courses and training activities a student needs to have taken in order to obtain a degree.

Each programme is elaborated according to its objectives, i.e. all the knowledge and competences that the future graduate must have acquired at the end of his training. University studies are organised in an academic and pedagogical framework that makes the student as well as the teaching staffaware of their responsibilities.

To get well informed is the first essential step on the way to academic success.

  41 certificates         66 advanced masters    
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Avec plus de 300 programmes organisés à l'UCL, ce sont plusieurs milliers de pages qui composent le programme d'études. Pas toujours facile de s'y retrouver? Découvrez en images comment naviguer dans le programme d'études et, par exemple, y découvrir les résumés des cours de la formation qui vous intéresse. 
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