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Master of arts in Business engineering - INGE2M

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The Master in Business Engineering is a two-year management programme which is designed to strengthen the management skills of students who have already gained a first qualification in science and technology. It is designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge which will enable them to fully understand the complex and varied issues that companies in the knowledge economy have to face. They also have the possibility of specialising in functional or cross-disciplinary areas of management.

Against this background, the Master in Business Engineering places special emphasis on the development of skills which will enable students to:

  1. model and formalise problems and management situations with a view to finding solutions and improvements (management science) ;
  2. in the industrial world, to make use of technological processes and be able to manage them ;
  3. to understand the complexity of the issues facing innovative businesses and be able to manage them ;
  4. make use of technology and innovation in ‘socially responsible’ management techniques.

In addition, in the same way as other students of the Louvain School of Management, prospective Masters in Business Engineering will :

  1. have the general knowledge that any business should expect from a management student ;
  2. demonstrate initiative and independence in decision-taking (with teaching methods geared to problem resolution) ;
  3. have practical experience of business (through the work placement and sessions with a wide range of entrepreneurs and managers) ;
  4. have developed the ability to work in an international environment ;
  5. be familiar with team work.

The Louvain School of Management also provides students on the 120 hours Masters programmes with four different areas of training which can be accessed after they have been selected :

  • Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) Master in International Management (MIM) The Louvain School of Management is the sole partner in Belgium of this network which, for the last few years, has brought together the best European management schools and various partners from outside Europe.  
    The LSM organises this programme which was ranked as the best Master’s degree in management by the Financial Times in 2009. 
    This elite programme is designed to develop future leaders of multinational and global companies.  
  • Inter-faculty programme:  Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME - Création des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises)

This programme brings together students from different faculties at UCL and provides them with the analytical tools to help them understand business processes, start or take on businesses of different kinds and to develop business projects within existing organisations.  

  • International Business programme (IB)

This programme is designed for students who wish to pursue an international career. Through an exchange of courses and a 5-month work placement abroad in a multinational company, it promotes an open-minded approach, intercultural awareness, adaptability and pro-activity, all of which are vital for work in an international context. 

  • Double degree

and a dissertation worth 20 credits common to both schools, students are awarded two degrees, one from the Catholic University of Louvain and the other from the partner university.

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The 120 hour Business Engineering Master’s degree is made up of the following four elements:
  1. Core subjects worth 30 credits, including the dissertation (20 credits), a course on corporate social responsibility (5 credits) as well as a seminar on topical issues in economics and management (5 credits).
  2. A professional focus worth 30 credits, with in-depth study of the distinctive disciplines of the engineer: quantitative methods, technology, information systems, innovation and project management. The professional focus also includes a work placement (10 credits) which may be linked to an issue dealt with in the dissertation.  
  3. Two option courses worth 15 credits, each made up of three courses. These option courses enable students to specialise in one or two fields of management, either in a particular discipline or in a multidisciplinary field. Certain option courses are entirely or partly in English whilst others are only in French. The language of the course title indicates the language of instruction. Students may take any of the option courses which are available at the three campuses of the Louvain School of Management : Louvain-la-Neuve, Namur and Mons. In all, more than 20 different option courses are available to students in business engineering at the Louvain School of Management.
  4. An international exchange worth 30 credits, during which students have the opportunity to take courses in one of the 120 universities who are partners of the Louvain School of Management. Students who do not wish to go abroad may instead take an option course worth 15 credits and 3 courses worth 5 credits each.

The first year of the Master’s degree is devoted exclusively to courses for the professional focus and the core subjects, in addition to two option courses. In the second year, students may do their international exchange in the first semester as the second semester is devoted to the work placement and the dissertation.

In their first year programme (60 credits), students studying for the CEMS Master in International Management are required an option course of three separate courses specific to the CEMS as well as a 10-week work placement in a foreign company. In the second year, one of the two semesters is spent at one of the schools which is a member of the CEMS. This year is devoted to activities and courses reserved for CEMS students and for other courses chosen by students at their host university (47 credits), for completing a Business Project as part of an international team (15 credits) and for an individual dissertation (20 credits). This programme totals 142 credits.

In their first year, students on the Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises programme are required to take the two option courses on this programme and to complete a dissertation as part of an inter-faculty team.

Students selected for the International Business (IB) programme do their second year abroad, with an international exchange and a 5-month work placement in a multinational company.

Students on the double degree programme are required to spend their first year studying at UCL (60 credits). The second year is spent in a partner university (60 credits) with a dissertation worth 20 credits common to both universities. This programme totals 140 credits. 

Wathever the focus or the options chosen, the programme of this master shall totalise 120 credits, spread over two years of studies each of 60 credits

Core courses


Options and exchanges

Master in International Management (CEMS-MIM)

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Advanced Masters : Advanced Master in Financial Risk Management at the Facultés Universitaires St Louis.

Doctoral programmes : Doctorate in Management.

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